Razer Deathadder 2013 Edition


A Razer Deathadder 2013 Edition ReviewI just got my hands on the Razer Deathadder 2013 Edition about a month ago and definitely thought it worthy of a review.

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When it comes to the design, the look is nice and “stylish”, if you’re into aesthetics much. I myself am more into the feel of it. I really can’t say enough about the feel of this mouse. The most important factor in my opinion when it comes to a mouse is the comfort level I have after hours of play and Razer delivers with the Deathadder 2013 Edition. The ergonomic form fitting design makes it comfortable in both the palm and claw grip. I like the valleys on the left and right buttons as well.

The Deathadder was not only durable, but after 150 hours of play my hand was ready to go another 150 hours. Since I used the original Deathadder a few years back this is absolutely an improvement. They didn’t just make it they molded it to the shape and contours of the palm of your hand.

The Teflon feet make for smooth maneuvering. Add to that “the world’s first 6400dpi Optical Sensor” and you have yourself a wicked accurate gaming mouse. I’m a high sensitivity gamer and I haven’t had any detectible problems with jumping yet. It seems Razer has taken note of the constructive critics out there and continues to make improvements to the design and construction of this mouse.

The lighted wheel is pretty sweet, again aesthetically nice, but also durable and practical, especially when the only light is coming from the screen. Another improvement the 2013 Edition has over its predicesor is a rubber coating and rubber sides, which of course eliminates that feeling that your hand is going to slip off.

Final thoughts: After a month, and well over 150 hours of use, I can say without a doubt that for the price, this is the best gaming mouse I’ve played with.

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Razer Death Adder

Razer DeathAdder 2013 – Review

When the razer deathadder 2013 was released not only was I excited but all of my online gamer friends were too. We were all big fans of razer death adder and their First Gen but as luck would have it that product couldn’t go the distance. I remember the day mine fell apart.

Will this new razer deathadder work or will it just be the 2013 death of the latest deathadder? Me and my pals plan on pushing this mouse to the brink of destruction, and then beyond, before we invest our fragile but hopeful trust in this once great product.

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